Research work

Department had won the competition for grant funding from the MES on the following topics:





Research topics

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The degree of completionof projects

The project "Modeling the measurement of economic processes" in the "Programme for the development of methods for the development and implementation of effective public policies based on the theory of parametric regulation mechanisms of the market economy"


KazNTU, Department of IT

State. Budget Administrator - MES. Funding - 376 157 000 n.

The result -
Developed software to model the measurement of economic processes, referred to the analytical platform of the Presidential Administration

The project "Development of models and methods for computer simulation of the random parameters and processes in near space" in the basic research program "Theoretical Foundations of space technology"

2007 - 2008 yy

KazNTU, Department of IT

State. Budget Administrator - MES. Funding - 4.5 million tenge.

The result -
The models and methods of computer simulation of random parameters are transferred to the NC "Kazakhstan Ғarysh Sapary"


The project "Development of methods for creating interactive teaching WEB-resources department of the university" as part of the state order of the budget program 014 "Applied scientific research in the field of education."

2007 - 2008 yy

KazNTU, Department of IT

State. Budget Administrator - MES. Funding - 4.5 million tenge.


The result -
The methods for creating interactive teaching WEB-resources are used in the educational process at the Department of IT in KazNTU the results submitted to the Kazakh Academy of Education named Li. Altynsarin

Scientific topic "Development of stochastic models, methods and algorithms for the distribution and allocation of resources and facilities"

2012-2014 yy

KazNTU, Department of IT

State. Budget Administrator - MES. Funding - 15 million tenge.

The result -
Developed computer models of various elements of the complex systems that take into account various random factors and other uncertainties, models, methods and algorithms for the distribution and allocation of resources and facilities on the basis of modern information technology tools



The research work of students

January 30, 2012 was held the Republican contest of NIRS in the section "Information Systems."Were submitted with 43 scientific works of students from 16 universities.


Diploma of 1 degree was awarded 4-year bachelor's degree work of the Kazakh National Technical UniversityKozhantaeva AB - Development of information system "Adviser" supervisor - Aytchanov BH, Professor of "Information Technology", PhD, Diploma 2 degrees - work Kadіrakyn Bauyrzhan - 3rd year Bachelor of International Kazakh-Turkish University named after Ahmet Yasawi "linearization method different curves of linear regression models," supervisor Temirbekov AN, Professor of "software", the 2nd degree diploma - work Gnatchenko AA, IA Gnatchenko - 2nd year Bachelor of Kazakh National Technical University. KI Satpayev "Development control water pumping stations and water treatment chemicals for the operators of Almaty", supervisor Mamyrova A., Associate Professor of "Information Technology", PhD, a diploma of 3 degrees - work Kabdylkakov OB - 3-year Bachelor of Kazakh Academy of the financial and economic, "Modernization of computer technical support," supervisor Smagulov CB; diploma of 3 degrees Beks SA - 4-year Bachelor of Kazakh National Technical University named after KI Satpayev, "Development of an automated system of" scientific papers chair ", research managers Eskendirova MD, Associate Professor of" Information Technology ", PhD and MA Sydybaeva senior lecturer in "Information Technology".


March 26, 2012 was held Republican Subject Olympiad students in specialty 050703 -"Information Systems." The Olympiad was heldin the form of setting, including five of the theoretical and practical issues 4. In the competitionwas attended by34 studentsfrom different cities ofKazakhstan.According tothe results ofcompetitionswere awardedprizes:

  • AldiyarMeyrbek3-yearBachelordegree050,703IPKazNTU. KISatpayev -1st place.
  • LozbenArsenyBachelor3rd yeardegree050,703IPKazNTU. KISatpayev- 2place.
  • OmirbekNursultan4-yearbachelordegree050,703IPKazNU.Al-Farabi - 3place.


December 5-6,2012, in theKazakh NationalTechnical University.KISatpayevthe International scientific andpractical conference "Information and communication technologies: education, science, practice" on the 50thanniversary of the Institute of Information andTelecommunications,which was attended bystudents.Student workGnatchenkoAA,GnatchenkoIA,V.Zaitsevwereawarded diplomasof the conferenceasthe best reports.


Indicators of international scientific and technical cooperation

The department has strong international links with leading foreign universities, including University of New Mexico (USA) - a program for the joint training of doctoral PhD, State University of New York (USA) - a program for the joint training of doctoral PhD, University of Doha (Qatar); Institute of Control Sciences of the Russian Federation, Central European University, Budapest, The American University Girne (Cyprus), University of Windsor (Canada), University of Information Technology (Tashkent), Ministry of Education of the Republic of Korea to establish a center of information technology in KazNRTU named after KI Satpayev, University of Zurich, the International Consortium of technical universities, the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute, Moscow Power Engineering Institute, New York University, University of L'Akvilla (Italy), Mongolian Technical University, University of Hamburg; Murom Institute of Technology (Japan), St. Petersburg Technical University.
The department is actively involved in the development of information and business links with foreign and domestic organizations, representatives, companies, firms.


Graduate student in "Information Systems" Bostanbekov Kairat studied at Novosibirsk State University under contract SCO.


In 2012, the following have been invited for PhD studies for students, masters and doctoral degree Information Systems: Nikulin VV, Doctor PhD Binhemtonskogo University, New York, USA; Aitbaev Rahim - Associate Professor, Doctor PhD, University of New Mexico, New Mexico, USA; Kharitonov, PT, Ph.D., professor of Penza State University, Penza, Russia.


Employees of the Department of IT Volobuyeva OP, Eskendirova MD, PhD and graduate student J. Lamasheva Maykotov MN from 03/12/12 to 12/14/12 participated in seminars «Enchancing Learning and Teaching in High Education» Newcastle University of Newcastle, UK, has certified.