Research work

Directions of research professors of the department is to organize and information security, hardware security, design and protection of databases, administration and security of networks.
The department regularly takes an active part in competitions for Basic Research and grant funding from the MES.The results of research are published in national and international journals with high impact factor and conferences.
The faculty of the department executed funded research project on "Manufacturing of an industrial design of a device to protect against unauthorized access" for the commercialization of scientific and (or) scientific and technical activities in cooperation with TOCHPRIBOR LLP, in addition, the professors of the Chair works on proactive subjects in the field of information protection and security. The results of the work are reflected in publications of articles received patents, published textbooks and training manuals.

Research work of students

Students of "Information Security" actively participate in the academic life of the department, institute and university. Under the guidance of faculty members participate in international conferences abroad; at the annual conference dedicated to the birthday of KazNRTU K.I. Satpaev; in contests held by the MES and other universities of Kazakhstan and neighboring countries.


The department has a scientific circle on information protection and security. Students of 3-4 courses take part in the international Olympiad on IS for the second year, as well as at the Republican student scientific competitions and olympiads. 2016-2017 took part in the international competition Volga CTF in the field of information security (Samara) and in the Republican Olympiad "Star CCNA" (Astana).
Students of the specialty "Information Security Systems" took an active part in the Republican competition for the best research work of students on the section "Information Security Systems" and every year they become holders of diplomas of 1 and 2 degrees.
Since 2014-2015 academic year, the Department of Information Security actively cooperates with the leading integrator of information security systems by PACIFICA. Students 3 and 4 courses on the basis of the company passed the practice, graduates of 2015, 2017 after receiving the diploma were recruited to the company. The company held meetings on training specialists in the field of "Information Security Systems".
Every year students take an active part in events held on the protection of information (olympiads, conferences, etc.).


Participation of students, engineers and faculty in a workshop from companies PACIFICA and Kaspersky Lab
Since 2014-2015 academic year the department «Information Security» actively cooperates with the leading integrator of information security company PACIFICA. Students 3 and 4 courses on the basis of past practice in 2015 graduate of the school year after graduation was hired into the company. In the 2015-2016 academic year, the company PACIFICA represented by Executive Director Pavel Genievskyi and Kaspersky Lab, represented by the Managing Director of the countries of Central Asia and the Republic of Kazakhstan Alexey Yashnikov held several meetings with heads of departments «Information Security» and «Computer Engineering and Software» for cooperation Training in the field of «Information Security Systems» and «Computer Engineering and Software». As a result of meetings it organized a seminar and master classes Kaspersky Lab company PACIFICA for 4th year students of specialties «Information Security Systems» and «Computer Engineering and Software», engineers and staff of the department. After the seminar, the best students were awarded prizes from the company. In addition, students will be pre-diploma practice based on these companies.