Research work

Plans of the department "Radio engineering, electronics and telecommunications" cover the broad circle of the questions, including all directions of department activity, including methodical and research functioning, writing textbook and educational supplies, articles, work on increasing of scientifically-pedagogical qualification of the teachers, educational functioning, labor discipline and others.


All disciplines are provided with educational-methodical materials (standard and functioning programs on Kazakh and Russian languages), meeting the demands of educational standard.


As one of the measures, directed on increasing the quality of knowledge is multimedia equipment used in educational process of the teachers for undertaking lecture occupations, here designed virtual laboratory works on many disciplines, alongside with electronic contents leads the development of electronic textbooks.


The purpose of research activity is a renewed sources of energy, power supplies on the base of solar photo-converters, anti noise coding, and noise-immunity of signals sending through fiber-optic communication link, electromagnetic compatibility of the satellite communication systems and other radio electronic facilities, which includes the following sections:

  • development of plans, programs and methods of the undertaking the measurements parameters of telecommunication networks and their forming elements, multi-channel systems and directing telecommunication systems and systems of stationary and mobile radio communication;
  • analysis and forecasting of the traffic, factors of operation quality and the other parameter of the electrical communication networks and organizing-management activity;
  • realization of the technical checking and control of operating quality of the telecommunication networks, multichannel and directing telecommunication systems, enterprises of radio communication and television broadcasting;
  • provision of organizing and engineering-technical actions of information protective in telecommunication systems.


On department "Radio engineering, electronics and telecommunications" for period from 2007 to present time, following research works were executed:


Main results of the exploratory works, which are broadly published in central research publishing, as well as it reports on research conferences of different levels, including international. For the last three years employees and students of the department published over 100 printed works, including received 5 patents for inventions. Works are published in such known journals as "Bulletin of KazNRTU, "Radio engineering" and others.


Department is one of the organizers of research and student conferences:


“Electromagnetic compatibility of radio electronic devices”, 2010 y. Scientific leader – doctor of technical sciences, professor Isembergenov N.T., Hachikyan V.S.


Initiative works


These works are executed under the direction of employee of the department on order of different enterprises within the framework of agreements of the contract. Activity in this sphere more varied and reflects the broad spectrum of the possibilities of the group of the department. Students take part in these works. Here represented some examples of the developments, realized by employees and students of the department for the last several years.


Research works of students


Students of the department take the active participation in Olympiads of different level, regularly on contest of the university deserve grants "Diploming" on technical cycle. Results of the work are noted with grants and encouragements in the manner of autographed scholarships (scholarship of the president, scholarship of KazNRTU, etc.)