Material base

 The Department of intensively developed material base of educational and scientific laboratories. Figure 2 shows the stands of the laboratory (room 400) where you installed 5 sets of microprocessors «Siemens», which gave representative of this company in Kazakhstan. In this laboratory classes on the programming of microprocessors and microprocessor - based simulation studies of systems management.

At the department has two computer rooms (room 401a and 401b), which offer classes in many disciplines, which uses a virtual simulation. 

The list of disciplines that are held in classrooms 401 (a, b):
- Computer Science;
- Programming technology;
- Descriptive geometry and computer graphics;
- Programming in Delphi;
- Object-oriented programming;
- Methods of optimization;
- Computer network;
- The theory of linear automatic control systems;
- Theory of nonlinear automatic control systems
- Artificial intelligence methods in management;